How To Market Yourself As An Authority


In this Video: The 4 Steps of the Authority Ladder

In this video I’m going to take you through the 4 steps of what we call the Authority Ladder, and why it’s important.

Everyone has a level of authority but when we talk about authority we mean the kind of authority that gets you recognised as someone worth listening to… and paid what you’re worth.

So what happens if we get this wrong? If we’re not seen as an Authority?

How To Retain Clients Long Term.


In this Video: #1 Tool for retaining clients. Why they leave and what to do about it. 0:20 The problem with retention 1:10 Quantifying changes; $87,000 in additional profit 1:40 One Simple Thing 2:28 An Automated System capturing and recording tasks 3:05 Our Services are paid for, for the next 3 years

How To Fix A Business In The Right Order


Hey there guys!
Will Fulton here from 321Launch…

In this quick video I’m going to show you how to: Fix a business in the right order… So you get great results with your clients really quickly… And without the risk of them running out cash to pay you for a long term program…

So at our Launch Training a couple weeks ago one the guys whose just joined us asked “are there some strategies that work better with clients than others?”… that’s a great question!

It’s Not About The Nail!

When you are consulting it’s often easy to go into “fix it” mode
… before your prospect or client is ready! Sometimes we need to “earn the right to be right” and that’s what great listening skills are all about. One of the biggest mistakes when sitting with a prospect in a sales meeting is…