Here’s What We Covered At Our Sydney Conference…


WARNING: Turns out we had a technical problem with focusing the camera. DOH! But the content is all there. Maybe we look younger with the (very) soft lense!?
00:53 The Sales Process & Strategy Session
01:25 The Money Shot
01:44 Marketing
01:52 Done-4-You Social Media
02:53 Fee Finding & Software
04:23 Team Coaching; 1 Client = $12k per month

Rob Swann Signs 45 Clients in his First Year as a Business Coach


In This Video:
Rob, shares his experiences​​ of getting started quickly with his first 3 or 4 clients, through to signing 45 clients in his first year – and going from 60 hours per week in his previous role to getting his life back and almost feeling unemployed in his new role!

But instead of me telling you about it here, why don’t you watch the video to hear how Rob did it in his own ​​words….

What Is The Coaching Cycle?


In this video:
“Thanks for all your help, but I think we’ll finish up. I’ve got it from here”…
Not the sort of line any coach or consultant wants to hear from a client!
In this short video, Will shares how the Coaching Cycle can change that and turn
short term engagements into long term clients.
01:05: The Coaching Cycle; a 4 Stage Progression
01:40: Plan, Tasks, Monitor, Review

Dave Philips Talks About His New Career As A Business Coach

In This Video: 00:12 Exciting, life changing 00:30 Coaching – a satisfying experience 01:21 with 321Launch – help stepping out of my comfort zone 01:47 A personal journey, confidence 02:25 Clients mindset 02:50 A story I share with my clients.

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Behind The Scenes at the 321Launch Conference

In this Video:
00:30 Networking: How to do it, new Done 4 You lead generation
01:10 Software update: New client worksheets available in the software
01:55 Group Coaching Programs: New programs and material including the client workbooks and power point presentations
03:10 Presenting skills: Workshops for Joint Venture partners
05:00 Dave Phillips: Member Coach Syd, The power of the 321Launch network
05:48 David Lockwood: Member Coach Mel, New material, on-going improvement to systems and processes