Hear From Geoff and Cathy Young on Building Their Consulting Business


00:30 Why Coaching – Moving on from Corporate
01:25 What were you looking for?
02:03 The transition – Ticking boxes
03:00 What you expected?
03:30 About the Training
05:01 What you enjoy about building your own group
06:30 Organic way to grow your coaching business

How To Apply The Rule Of 3’s



00:15 – Experiencing Coaching rather than explanation
01:25 – 3 Minutes, Elevator Pitch, Lead Magnets, Calls to Action
02:30 – 30 Mins, The Conversation Converter, engagement at networking
03:40 – 3 Hours – in 2 parts, Presentations, the gap in their business, on boarding systems
05:30 – Once they’re a client, applying the Rule of 3’s on delivery


Peter Shares His Insights…


IN THIS VIDEO: As a 14 year Consultant, Peter shares his insights on a range of topics
00:05 A life changing experience
00:44 Expectations coming into Training?
01:22 Impressions of Coaching?
02:05 Having an impact and making a difference to businesses
02:38 The past 14 years in Consulting
03:12 Where would you like to take it?
03:50 Your decision to join

Training Wrap Up


IN THIS VIDEO: The 3 Key reasons why people join us
00:15 Income Replacement, Time/Freedom, Impact
01:50 Structure in Training, Getting Client Results, Fee Finding, Making great $ for Business Owners
02:20 Getting clients over the line, ROI proposition, On-Boarding process
02:44 How to get Leads – Marketing
03:15 “You” operate the System, What it means to be a great Coach
04:00 Coaching Prospects; Not selling them coaching.

Behind The Scenes At Our 4 Day Launch Training


IN THIS VIDEO: Have a look behind the scenes at our 4 Day Launch Training as Members share their insights and experiences…
Why they moved to Coaching
What they were looking for when they joined
Fears and expectations coming into Training
Their experience and learning’s from the Training
What they enjoyed and what stood out
How they feel about their new career and the opportunities