Multiple Income Streams. A Scalable, Saleable Asset. Backed by Our Client Guarantee. 


Live Day for new and existing Coaches and Consultants  

Building a Coaching Business with Multiple Income Streams

Where we spend the time together unpacking how to make this happen.

Earn more money. Enjoy more freedom. Have more impact.

 Wayne Armstrong 

Will Fulton  

One of the biggest myths in this industry is that “Clients equal a Coaching Business”.  

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, because one-on-one clients aren’t saleable.  

As a result, about 97% of Coaches find themselves with a “coaching job” instead of a Coaching Business. It’s not an easy path, and the business often stalls. If the Coach loses a client, well… it’s a big drop in income… that can add additional pressures. 

Not only that, but the business isn’t scalable. And if there’s no leverage, then there’s no asset. And if there’s no asset, then there’s nothing to sell. 

No exit strategy down the track… other than closing shop. 

It’s no one’s fault.  

The Coach set out with the right intentions, but the BUSINESS MODEL needs to change.  

SO… that’s what we'll be spending time taking you through on the day... because it’s vital to get the business model right from the start. 

Plus, we’ll be unpacking The 4 Futures of a Coaching Business, where you’ll get the chance to plan what YOUR Ideal Coaching Business would look like, regarding the amount of Income you would like to earn, the Freedom you want and the sort of Impact you’d like to have on your local business community. The 4 Futures also highlights what happens if you get this wrong!

On the day, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves together and unpacking our entire system…

  • How To Build A Successful Coaching Business so that you avoid getting stuck in a "coaching job" with only a handful of clients.  
  • How To Leverage Yourself with Multiple Income Streams from both Premium 1-1 Clients and Group 1-Many Clients so that you have a much more stable long term business.  
  • The Potential To Build A Firm where you can further leverage your income by mentoring Coaches as part of your business. 
  • Our Community Brand where you own the rights to your own local area and build your authority as the "go to" provider of business improvement for business owners.  
  • Automated Consulting Software that dramatically improves your earning capacity by completely leveraging your time with clients, while making them more reliant on you long term.
  • Our Client Guarantee reverses the risk for you, whether you are getting started in this industry, or wanting to take your existing coaching business to the next level.  





01 FEB 2018 

07 FEB 2018 

09 FEB 2018 

The Novotel Hotel

Auckland International Airport

Adina Hotel Sydney Central 

2 Lee St, Haymarket

QT Hotel

133 Russell St, Melbourne

8 Places total

8 Places total

12 Places total

TIME: 9.00am - 2.00pm for all locations.  

COST: You'll need feeding! ... so it's $59 for your morning/afternoon tea and lunch. 

NOTE: LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE. Please book early if you are keen to be part of the day!