Here’s a 3 minute snapshot of “Bullseye”… our unique,
purpose built Coaching Software

“Bullseye” integrates 5 Apps plus a Client dashboard all built into one software platform, so there is complete integration from the initial analasys and optimisation of the business through to managing the client on all tasks. The software can be operated by the Coach on a tablet or laptop with the client managing their tasks, KPI’s and reporting from their smart phone.

The software includes… a Business Optimisor, a Business Plan Builder, Task Manager, Monitoring System, Reporting System & Client Management Dashboard.

Five Big Outcomes For You As The Coach using this software…

  • Longer term clients
  • Higher Client fees
  • Easier to manage each client
  • Higher Productivity: Less coaching & prepping time
  • Leverage: Can manage more clients… 1:1 or expand to 1:many model