How To Market Yourself As An Authority


In this Video: The 4 Steps of the Authority Ladder

In this video I’m going to take you through the 4 steps of what we call the Authority Ladder, and why it’s important.

Everyone has a level of authority but when we talk about authority we mean the kind of authority that gets you recognised as someone worth listening to… and paid what you’re worth.

So what happens if we get this wrong? If we’re not seen as an Authority?

Well, usually there’s 3 main problems.
Firstly, it’s difficult to generate leads
Second… once you’re in front of them Prospects are quite skeptical
And thirdly… it’s tough to turn those conversations into paying clients

But… when we get this right,
You have prospects approaching you asking for help
You’re seen as the Go-to guy, someone they’d like to work with
AND… They are more open to signing up as a client

So lets have a look at the Authority Ladder and see what we actually mean when we talk about being positioned as an authority in your marketplace”

The first level of authority, which is at the bottom, is called INTERNAL AUTHORITY. This is where authority starts. It’s what most people experience prior to getting into this industry, when you feel like you have a pretty good background and understanding of business, you know that you have some good skills and you could do a good job helping owners. So at this point, your Authority is “Internal”… as in, you know it, but no-one else does.. yet.

The next step up is called IMPLIED AUTHORITY. This is what happens when people get started in Coaching or Consulting. It’s where you try to explain your Authority to your target market. You imply it. You take what you feel internally and are trying to say ”Hey. Over here… I can help”.

So what Implied Authority looks like is websites, business cards and marketing material that says, “Hi, I’m a coach… you probably need one.. in fact I recommend you have one (preferably me) and here’s 5 reasons why… here’s what I can do for you… here’s my Bio etc. We see this a lot with new coaches starting out, with D.I.Y coaches. Unfortunately, Implied Marketing doesn’t really work. It’s no ones fault… the coach is well intentioned … it’s just that the business owner doesn’t respond to these types of messages.

So when we’re launching coaches, we start them off at the third level, and that’s called POSITIONED AUTHORITY. That is… you need to be positioned from the outset as an authority, so that as soon as prospects come into contact with you or your marketing material, there is a different response… a positive one.

So to be positioned as an Authority, you need engaging marketing material that helps educate the business owner, so that we sidestep their resistance.

Plus we need to back that up with what’s called an Authority Website, not a brochure website. An authority website needs helpful content for the owner, like checklists and videos, the same as you’ve seen on our website. We need to help him understand how we can help… without trying to tell him that he needs help. So being positioned as an Authority is a critical step in launching, and maintaining a good coaching business.

The fourth level in the Authority ladder is called COMMANDED AUTHORITY. This is where prospects now come to you for help. This is where life gets easy, and fun, and you’ve built a long-term sustainable coaching business.

So how do we move up to COMMANDED Authority?

In short, it’s by presenting to an audience. This can be from the stage, or at networking groups, in Boardrooms, or even in Coffee Meetings. It’s you stepping into the spotlight. As an example, in our Coaches Toolbox, our guys have access to great presentation material on Sales & Marketing, Profit & Cashflow, Staffing, Planning Session etc, using powerpoints and workbooks so that the audience is engaged.

If you have presented before or like the idea of doing it, then this is a great way to build COMMANDED AUTHORITY.

So that’s the 4 steps on the Authority ladder… Internal… Implied… Positioned and Commanded Authority.

In summary, our job in launching guys into this industry is to take them from their Internal Authority and start them off at Positioned Authority, on level 3. Implied Authority doesn’t work, so there’s no need to go there. And then its up to them take it all the way to Commanded Authority, if they want to. Plenty of them are by the way, and to quote Maxwell Smart… and…loving it.

We do spend more time discussing Authority on our Live Webinars, so if you haven’t been on one of them, then that’s a great place to find out more.

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