3.2.1.Launch Guys  

Work Stuff  

After spending 15 months working and travelling in Europe with his girlfriend (soon to be wife!),  Wayne returned to Australia in ’92 and with the travel bug firmly embedded in his system, took on a job with Flight Centre.  Over the next 11 years (between perpetually planning their next holiday) he enjoyed managing a number of stores on the Gold Coast, in both the Flight Centre retail and Corporate Divisions.  During this time he won numerous store and individual awards including #1 Travel Consultant Worldwide.


Meanwhile, Will was knee deep in exams consuming a business degree in Marketing with a bit of Finance on theWill photo square side.  Early 90s were not great in the job market with kiwis still hung over from the ’87 crash so Will got a job managing  a company that made salads for supermarkets and Air New Zealand… Hiring, firing and negotiating with big players was the sharp end of business with a Boss who was a ball-breaker!  Any academic snobbery was beaten out of him as a result. Next job; a 7 year vertical climb to Sales and Marketing Manager with a beverage company… 120 staff, a move to Auckland and 3 kids later, moved into coach/consulting.


In 2003 Wayne, like many in Corporate life, felt the need to expand and challenge himself further and wanted to start building his own business rather than building someone elses. He formed an education based networking group on the Gold Coast.  Over the next 5 years the networking group grew to around 150 business owners who participated in Monthly Business Speaker events, Mastermind Groups and Business Forums.  Wayne really enjoyed helping and connecting with his members.  They in turn gave him a real insight into the plight and challenges of many Small Business Owners…particularly what was going on under the surface, which seemed to be in stark contrast to how they appeared from the outside!!


At the same time Will was establishing himself in self employment… he went on an Entrepreneurs boot-camp and promptly purchased 13 flats (complete with dodgy tenants!) and a hair dressing salon.   Hired a salon manager, re-branded, gave it a nice paint job and experimented with how to get the salon making money.  He had some good wins, learned plenty and eventually sold all the flats and the salon to concentrate on becoming a Business Consultant.  Bought a franchise and started in client acquisition getting up to 22 clients at one stage and winning Coach of the Year for Australasia in 2007.  Developed a fail-safe system to get great client results and decided to build a platform so others could get similar results.


Wayne & Will: Australian Open Tennis

Wayne & Will: Australian Open Tennis

In late 2008 their paths joined when they became partners in a Consulting franchise.   It provided the tools and resources for those who wanted to move into Business Consulting.  Over the next 5 years they were able to help many people make the transition to start their own Consulting Career.


The next step… 3.2.1.Launch was born…

In 2014 they formed 3.2.1.Launch and have now brought together cutting edge techniques to those who want to enter the coach/consulting space… They have combined the “New Way’ of marketing and delivering services, using customised consulting software that runs off mobile devices.   They now provide the latest systems available to those who want to successfully launch their own Coach/Consulting Business.

Family Stuff

(Coincidentally!) We both celebrated our 20 Year Wedding Anniversaries in 2014, one month apart!  Our kids get on great as well and while we might live on either side of the “ditch” we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some great family holiday’s together, including these pic’s at Disneyworld.   The kids have renamed the two clans the Fulstrongs!



Fun Stuff

We’re a bit hooked on running…particularly Half Marathons and Marathons.   Wayne’s daughter Jessica says that we have MIFR…..”Mental Issues For Running”……she’s probably right.

Mission accomplished. Gold Coast Marathon…..tick!

Brisbane Half Marathon…. ..the only time we were smiling!!


To contact us directly:

Australia:  Wayne Armstrong (mob) +61 411 517 770

New Zealand: Will Fulton (mob) +64 27 279 0111