The Prospect To Premium Pathway


One of the biggest challenges for Coaches is that they’re usually trying to take prospects straight to a premium 1-1 engagement. This is a high risk strategy with the average conversion rate only about 3% for this type of approach. This means that the Coach has to wade through a lot of “No’s” to get to the occasional “Yes” which is difficult to sustain.

So in this video we look at The Prospect To Premium Pathway, that completely turns this approach on it’s head and allows us to have a much higher engagement and conversion rate to turn prospects into clients.

Five Year Coach Lana Shares Her Experience

As a Coach for 5 Years Lana shares her experience of joining and how it’s fast tracked her coaching business, from trying to develop and build IP herself, to plugging into a ready to go system that gets her time back and lets her spend more time signing and working with clients.

The Coaches Flatline



Today I’d like to share conversations that I have with a number of Coaches who have stalled on about the 5 – 6 clients mark…

00:15  The first reason – over servicing clients, paranoid that they are going to leave. The second reason – no lead flow
01:25  Marketing reduces dramatically over time
02:15  Clients stalling at 5-6 creates a flatline – a big issue
03:25  Coaches stop marketing if they don’t enjoy it
03:35  Finding a way to increase marketing over time, while decreasing delivery

Why A Community Brand Beats A Coaching Brand


00:25 Owners aren’t actively looking for clients
00:45 3%, 7%, 90%
01:38 Coaching Brand vs Community Brand; higher level of engagement
04:10 Music Industry Model; Audience, Community, Crowd, Cult
06:00 Growing from the outside in; Relating that to a Coaching Business
06:30 Business Owners, Community, Group Program, Premium Clients
07:40 Mentoring Coaches in a Firm

Our Role Of Working “On” vs. “In” the Business


00:40 Why the owner is stuck in the business
01:20 When we work with the owner
02:05 Incremental transactions
03:05 The growth of a business and it’s profitability
03:35 Exponential Growth
04:00 Our role on the strategy; Coaching Signature System and Software